A message from Bev

by | Jun 15, 2021

People are still chatting to each other on Whatsapp and really enjoying it. New friendships are being formed and jokes and laughter shared. It really is a tonic for everyone. Twenty two people are now connecting daily with each other.

The outside meetups are working really well and we now have approximately 70 people meeting in small groups, under government guidelines. The weather is getting better but I still remember myself and others meeting up on Christmas day in Ashton Gardens !

Three zoom meetings a week again is proving very popular. As mentioned before its Countdown on a Monday, Quiz on a Tuesday and a volunteer zoom meeting on a Friday. On the Friday zoom meeting I share lots of information with our valued volunteers and they pick up on lots of volunteering opportunities to help members.

Jason is well under way training our members on IT, to take away some of the fear members have of the internet. Its such a joy to see members now on email, zoom etc and enjoying every minute. It certainly is opening up their world.

Jo is doing an amazing job identifying scams and keeping people safe and secure. Jo is also taking on certain projects and is working alongside Jason on IT to keep things ticking over.

Julie is also doing an amazing job keeping in touch with members, again ensuring everyone is safe and secure. We have a traffic light system in place now. Red, amber and green. Red obviously being the most vulnerable. The wellbeing and welfare of all our members is of paramount importance to us here at Just Good Friends and always will be.

Aileen is also brilliant at marketing and is doing an amazing job. Aileen is also leading on our new website, which will be going live very soon. Aileen is brilliant contact for myself to bounce promotional ideas around.

Mags our Treasurer is very talented and we are hopeful she will be taking on a higher-level role in the not too distance future.

The people working hard behind the scenes are simply the best and we are blessed to have this dream team of expertise taking Just Good Friends forward.

One of our Patrons, Mark Menzies MP has stepped up to help us on a few occasions and we are extremely grateful for this help, it has made a difference to us and the life of one of our members.

I’ve still been in communications with Well North. This was set up by the Clinical Commissioning Group to make a difference in St Annes. Ive been on all the meetings on behalf of Just Good Friends. What came out on top with lots of leaders in our area was that St Annes needed a ‘HOME’, somewhere for the community. Other towns have this but at the moment, we don’t. Again thanks to our Patron Mark Menzies MP, we will be having a meeting with the CCG and FBC re this to see what can be achieved by working together.

My thanks, as always to you, our Trustees.

Bev x

Just Good Friends

Just Good Friends has been set up to combat loneliness and social isolation by bringing people together in friendship.